Custom Photo Restoration Cleveland OH

Our photo restoration services include color restoration, new backgrounds, tinting, pencil sketch restorations and more! Call 440-449-5576 today.


Aged Photograph Restoration OhioPhoto restoration is a digital artistic process used to fix and restore old or damaged photographs. Using sophisticated software; scratches, cracks, and blemishes or vibrant colors of the original shot are restored. We can remove other people from the shot or add natural-looking color to a black and white photo.  Airbrushing can soften skin tone and remove wrinkles.  Professional restoration can make a person look thinner, tanner, or remove distracting elements.  Creative photo restoration projects can rebuild or re-create missing portions of an image; add new backgrounds; create collages and unique photo designs.


We will first scan the photograph or artwork and make a digital copy.  Then using sophisticated software, we will transform the damaged original photo into a treasured memory.  MAVZPIX prints only on museum quality fine art papers/canvas with archival inks and finishes prints with archival UV protective spray coatings. Your new photos and artwork will last a lifetime!

Original Photo Art Cleveland OH

Looking for original photo art? Mary Alice Valvoda photographs, digitally processes, artistically designs, and giclée prints artwork. 440-449-5576

DON'T PROCRASTINATE!  DECORATE! . . . your home or office with quality original photo art that is affordable and produced right here in northeast Ohio. Selected examples are in the above gallery.

All MAVZPIX photographic art prints are Mary Alice Valvoda’s limited edition original photographs.   She personally photographs, digitally processes, artistically designs, and giclée prints them (using archival pigment inks) on fine art papers or canvas. She mounts them on acid-free foam board and mats them with traditional matte materials and/or complementary color double photographic mattes – which she designs.    Framing finishes the art prints.  Each picture is professionally finished with glass or acrylic glazing, dust covers, and appropriate hanging hardware.

All images are available in a variety of sizes, fine art paper or canvas substrates, and a selection of frames.

Sizes range from 8x10 to 24x40.  All are affordably priced.

MAVZPIX also has giclée prints of selected local artists who have contracted with Mary Alice to scan/print/frame copies of their work.

Custom Photo Projects

MAVZPIX will help you transform your IDEAS into EYE-CATCHING IMAGES. For custom photo editing, call 440-449-5576.


  • Windows to your family history … or stuffed in a box somewhere and you’re the only one who knows who the people are and their stories?
  • Artfully displayed in your home . . . or stored in your camera, disk, or computer? 
    Prints need no special technical skill or equipment for viewing.
  • Just waiting for you to get around to organizing them one day . . . 
    or ready for restored/transformed memories NOW?



A Custom Photo Project means more than restoration – as a matter of fact, restoration may not even be a part of the project.  Custom Photo Projects might include one or many more of the following:  colorizing; montages; collages; new backgrounds; text; vignettes; painted looks; photographic mattes; IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA, LET’S TRANSFORM THAT IDEA INTO AN IMAGE!  The examples here will let you see how clients’ ideas were transformed into unique personal or business images!

Notecard Prints For Sale Cleveland OH

Looking for notecard prints? Choose from Mary Alice Valvoda’s original photo art or create your own personalized notecards. Call 440-449-5576 today!

Highland Heights Custom NotecardsART – large or small! All of Mary Alice Valvoda’s original photo art are also available as unique note card collections; or any note art image can be printed as a large art print ready for framing.

There are six different cards (4.5 x 6.25 in) with envelopes in each themed note card collection. Each collection is gift boxed in a Crystal Clear box and adorned with a gold stretch bow.

All images are printed on premium quality card stock with either a matte, glossy or fine art finish – the finish that best complements the image.


You can also CREATE your own personalized note cards from:

  • All available MAVZPIX images.
  • YOUR own images. Pricing available on request.
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