Custom Photo Restoration

Our photo restoration services include color restoration, new backgrounds, tinting, pencil sketch restorations and more! Call 440-449-5576 today.


Photo restoration is a digital artistic process used to fix and restore old or damaged photographs. Using sophisticated software; scratches, cracks, and blemishes or vibrant colors of the original shot are restored. We can remove other people from the shot or add natural-looking color to a black and white photo. Airbrushing can soften skin tone and remove wrinkles. Professional restoration can make a person look thinner, tanner, or remove distracting elements. Creative photo restoration projects can rebuild or re-create missing portions of an image; add new backgrounds; create collages and unique photo designs.


We will first scan the photograph or artwork and make a digital copy. Then using sophisticated software, we will transform the damaged original photo into a treasured memory. MAVZPIX prints only on museum quality fine art papers/canvas with archival inks and finishes prints with archival UV protective spray coatings. Your new photos and artwork will last a lifetime!


Objects Removed
New Background, Digital Frame
Color Restoration
Restoration, Tinting and Vignette
Black & White to Color, Digital Frame
Replace Missing Parts and Correct Over Exposure
Photo Restoration
Restoration to Collage
Sepia Tone and Color Tinting
Complex Restoration Project
Custom Photo Projects
Photo Collage
Pencil Sketch Restoration
Vintage Restoration
Restoration with Oval Vignette
1850’s Group Photo Restoration
Vintage Chemical “Silvering” Repair
Restored Wedding Photo
Restored Faded Color
Vintage Photo Restoration
Partial Photo made whole
1920’s Charcoal on photo, Restored and Color Tinted
Restoration of Rabbi in 1880’s