Original Photo Art

Looking for original photo art? Mary Alice Valvoda photographs, digitally processes, artistically designs, and giclée prints artwork. 440-487-3136


. . . your home or office with quality original photo art that is affordable and produced right here in Northeast Ohio. Selected examples are in this photo gallery.

All MAVZPIX photographic art prints are Mary Alice or David Valvoda’s limited edition original photographs or digital art.

All images are available as Giclee prints or framed.

Sizes range from 8×10 to 24×40. All are affordably priced.

Mini Canvas Photo Art
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Ink Jet Photo Art
Winter Mist
84 Charing Cross Bookstore
Ink Jet Photo Art
Tall Ships Europa
Flight Through Time
Meditating Frog
Nature’s Silhouette
Neon Royals Digital Art
Cleveland Sky Line
Tall Ships Arrival
Lotus in Pond
Rain Ghosts
Rainy Day Sunshine
Winter Fairytale
Floral Fantasy
Gravity Digital Photo Art
Quiet Car
Tiger Lily Sketch